”I’ve taught alongside Josh’s incredible music talents many times and  every single time I am blown away.  His ability to read the pace and energy of the class is extremely unique.  Whether he brings his records, guitar, drums, gong, or all of the above, the experience for the students is undoubtedly one of a kind.  Students are constantly asking me for more classes with Josh as our playlist!”

Kelsey Sperl, Bend Yoga


     "Josh made my Yoga class an experience! His focus and connection to his music is absolutely inspiring. His set-up is beautiful and picture worthy. I didn't skip a beat in my teaching because Josh was right there with me. His music and the energy of the class ebbed and flowed in perfect harmony. The music matched our movements, our breath all the way into a Savasana accompanied by a beautiful Gong bath. I can't wait to work with Josh again!"

Amy Sellitti, Fresh Yoga

     "I had the most blissful practice on the beach with my friend Josh Kane today. He is authentic and devoted and also knew how to keep my tired body engaged without exhausting (I equate this to yoga teacher enlightenment). AND his drum serenade takes any experience to the next level. Get your ass to a Bowspring class with him and experience this magic for yourself! Thank you friend!"

Elizabeth Crisci, Love By E

     "All I can say about him is, HE ROCKS. He’s got it all. The poetry, the humor, the body understanding, the passion… a 75 minute sweet sweat fest will FLY.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if he busts out his drum or guitar and shares with you a lullubye in savasana. C’mon people — GO WHERE IT’S WARM!"

Tracy Bleier, Zen Yoga Garage